The Steeve

Bringing a new and unique breath to Kanyon’s world of flavor, “The Steeve By Ismet Saz” brings tastes that everyone can find delight, with special presentations, cocktails, minimal and stylish decorations and DJ performances at night where you can flow with the rhythm of the city at night. With all these The Steeve is a candidate for being the most popular and favorite meeting place of the city!

Ismet Saz


For the first time in Turkey, aiming to differentiate the culinary and dining experience; kitchen sale, kitchen rent, food & beverage, culinary academy, kitchen utensil sales seeking to give unique experiences under a single roof as the city’s distinctive address “Intema Life”, comes packaged full of flavor; “The Steeve by Ismet Saz”…



For exceptional tastes we look forward to seeing you at The Steeve by Ismet Saz!

Unique Flavors

With exclusive flavors, pleasant music, stylish ambiance and quality service The Steeve by Ismet Saz is the favorite meeting point of the city. We welcome those who want to experience gastronomic experiences and special moments.


Ismet Saz

“The Steeve by Ismet Saz”, opened under the leadership of Ismet Saz who leads the gastronomy field with outstanding presentations and unique recipes in Kanyon’s Intema Life, stands out first and foremost in its own region, next as the city’s own new favorite meeting place. At “The Steeve by Ismet Saz” chef flavors take place with striking presentations, and hosts pleasant lunches, dinner meetings with friends after work hours, private business dinners and people who want to relax after a busy day.

Ismet Saz


For 7 days a week, after 11.00 “The Steeve by Ismet Saz” opens its door to visitors with appealing appetizers like “Artichoke and Spinach Deep, Tortilla”, “Open Face Salmon Sandwich”, “Sea Bass Ceviche” in our menu. Fresh homemade pasta such as “Potatoes Gnocchi”, “Fresh Spaghetti Shrimp”, “Risotto Truffle”, special main course items like “Grilled Filletmignon”, “Grilled Seabass”, “Boneless Lamb Shoulder”, “Organic Kornishen Chicken” are some of the exceptional courses present for you pleasure. “The Steeve by Ismet Saz” spices things up with its rich variety of wine and cocktails that bring delight to your day.

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